My fellows are getting married (Zene se moji jarani)

English translation

My fellows are getting married

your eye has gone
it will not warm me anymore
my soul is empty like a house
without children
Ooh liquor liquor
now I love you so
And you are taking me
to the black ground
They are getting married
All my fellows
Getting married in autumn
All for their country
And take you back to black
where flowers die
there is no luck
I was your last train
God punished me
I would like to drink and I will
Until my bottle gets empty
And when it does
I will go away from the bar
Submitted by BubiCvitan on Sat, 19/05/2012 - 14:33

Zene se moji jarani

Tvoga oka nema
da me opet grije
duša pusta kao kuća
bez dječurlije
Ej rakijo rako
sad tebe volim jako
a ti mene u crnicu


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