Life has crushed me (Zgazio me život)

English translation

Life has crushed me

Life has crushed me
When I didn't deserve it at all
I didn't even suspect that I was like old iron
Someone served me off
I know, she'll be ashamed, and it was my honor
To fail because of her
But I don't give up
Maybe I'll find better happiness with you
I'm not a saint from women's dreams
My angel
If you want me without a promise
I'll be yours
Love me the way I am
Kind of rough, because life didn't treat me well
Love me the way I am
Give me what I never asked for
Be honest, nothing except that
So I could freely say
There is God
Submitted by zhabba on Sat, 04/02/2012 - 20:27

Zgazio me život

Zgazio me život
onda kad sam najmanje zaslužio
nisam ni slutio da sam ko staro gvožđe
netko me odslužio
Znam, stidjet će se ona, a bila mi je čast
da zbog nje propadnem
al' ne odustajem