The Beacon's Call [ Zov mayaka (Зов маяка) ]

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The Beacon's Call

I tried to lull myself to sleep, but the dawn was already breaking,
And a fly woke me up, hitting the window pane a million times,
It will keep on crashing until its bitter end,
It just finds it hard to accept that the glass is stronger.
The stormy sea won't go to sleep, it's been seething for many a day,
The waves hit the granite, but the granite is stronger still.
The wolf is raging inside his cage, trying to break the bars,
The cage is stronger, but he finds it hard to accept that.
Stop the stream; disappear the way everything disappears,
Why do I like it so much, that which destroys me?
Calm the volcano, make your image go away,
Why do we like it so much, that which destroys us?
What invisible force has thrown dust in our eyes,
Cancelled all trains, erased all addresses?
Slowly but surely driving us crazy with sticky confusion,
Circumstances divide us. But I can't accept that.
I think of you, and I feel restless all night long,
In the desolate misty dusk, a beacon is calling out to the ships.
I know, you are surely dreaming of forgetfulness,
But you hear the beacon's call and you think of me.
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Zov mayaka (Зов маяка)

Я пыталась себя убаюкать, но вот уже стало светло,
И меня разбудила муха миллионом ударов в стекло,
Она будет себя разбивать, пока полностью не разобьёт,
Просто ей сложно принять, что стекло сильнее её.
Штормящее море не спит, бушует уже много дней,
Волны бьются в гранит, но гранит всё равно сильней.
Мечется в клетке волк, пытаясь прутья сломать,


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