I Called Her Emily


Zvao sam je Emili

Poci cu u sume da je opet trazim
uz tisinu rijeke da je mirno sanjam
i dok mesec sija gledacu u zvijezde
ne bih li je sreo sretnu i daleku
aha, aha, aha

Zvao sam je Emili
u moj je san ko u svoj usla dom
zbog nje se dan pretvorio u noc
i pjesme sve poludjele zbog nje
kao kise prolecne

Zvao sam je Emili
u danima kad voljesmo se mi
od proljeca do kasne jeseni
zbog nje, zbog nje izgubio sam sve
cak i dobre drugove

Zvao sam je Emili

Submitted by shekiSorbona on Thu, 11/08/2011 - 20:17
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I Called Her Emily

I'll go into the woods, to search for her again,
In the silence of the river, I will peacefully dream of her.
And while the moon shines, I'll look at the stars,
I would not have met her, happy and distant.
aha, aha, aha...

I called her Emily,
In my dreams, whoever entered your home,
because of her the day turned into night,
and all the songs went crazy because of her.
Like spring rain.

I called her Emily,
In the days when we loved each other,
From the spring, to the late fall.
Because of her, because of her, I lost everything,
Even my good comrades.

I called her Emily.

Submitted by bokij on Tue, 27/12/2011 - 15:20
Author's comments:

It might not make any sense in English, but the actual song is amazing.
Cola, Legenda. <3

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