Life, where are you rushing to ? (Viață, unde te grăbești)

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Life, where are you rushing to ?

Life where are you rushing to?
What doesn’t please you where you are ?
Who made you angry?
If you are ready to go?
[R: (x2)]
Like the flower of the elder tree wilts*,
You will end when destiny wants it like that
I don’t feel sorry for you, I’m not mourning for you
And,life, I try to enjoy as much as I can.
You tell me that you are there for me
and you ask me to come with you
I’m too young to leave
Even if I don’t know how long I will live
[R: ... (x2)]
Here, I have all my roads
And all the obstacles
I’ve got the stars from the sky
And the lips of my sweetheart
[R: ... (x2)]
Go, life, I’ll stay a little longer
to offer my entire voice to the world
to make my soul sing,
to give this song to the world
[R: ... (x2)]
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Viață, unde te grăbești

Viață, unde te grăbești?
Ce nu-ți place unde ești?
Cine mi te-o supărat
De ești pusă pe plecat?
[R: (x2)]
Cum trece floarea de soc,


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