My tough roughie sweetheart (Σκληρό μου αγόρι)

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My tough roughie sweetheart

My dagger I’m throwing
and bull’s eye it’s hitting
my heartache that’s splitting
just no one’s knowing
I pick up a blossom
it’s your heart that’s mellow
my sweetheart hel-lo,
join my song awesome
This night here for you just
all stars I will fire up
to fall down as rain in
your both hands to pile up
[Refrain2:] x2
I’ll burn up for your shake
the moon to turn bloody
my tough roughie sweetheart,
my pale looking laddie
On seashell I stumbled
out there by the seashore
it gave me a seizure
your lips had me crumbled
The cold wind that down blew
became a breeze start
hel-lo my sweetheart
once more I found you
(refrain2) x2
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Σκληρό μου αγόρι

Ρίχνω μαχαίρι
και βρίσκω στόχο
ντέρτι που το 'χω
ποιος να το ξέρει