a little late [ Dasonatsum (다소낮음) ]

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a little late

i don't know,even if i rise up from the floor
the unpleasant air is the same
with a very uncontrolable expression
with a greedy heart
late at night i wonder around
at a dark alley
that is located near a kitchen
while i was expecting
while i was expecting
i was thinking that someone will open the door
probably,cheekily to her that is angry
as i was laying upon a wall
with a way that is nothing much
spilling hot words and
gushing the old black dust
if you calm down the fighting sound in the window
vacantly lying in front of the tv
while laughing alone
while laughing alone
i was thinking that someone will open the door
in the evening
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Dasonatsum (다소낮음)

글쎄, 바닥에서 일어나도
텁텁한 공기는 똑같더라
그리 울컥하는 표정으로
칼칼히 엥기는 마음으로
늦은 오후를 파들파들 돌아다니다
늦으막 골목길도 저물쯤에야
엉성히 붙어있는 부엌아래서


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