Your Eyes Are In Front of Me (3ayonak 2odamy)


3ayonak 2odamy

O Enta 3yonak 2odamy.. Ba3sha2 3omry O Ayamy.. Ana Leek.. Leek Ana
O Enta 3yonak 2odamy.. Alby Baylms A7lamy O Ansa Fen.. Fen Ana
7abena.. 3omrna Le b3dna.. 5alena..7abena.. 5alena Fe 7obna 5alena
E7dony Dafeny.. Fe 3yonak 5abeny.. De El-7ayah Mn 3'erk Mosh 7ayah
Ayamy Fe El-7ayah Ma3ak 3eshatha A7lamy beek 7abebe shoft Ana.. O Sneny 7abetha Beek
O Enta Ma3aya El-7ayah Teb2a Fe Edena O Bennsa El-Nas O El-Donia Kolha..
Ya 7abebe Da El-3omr Lena
7abena.. 7abena.. 7abena.. 7abena..
5alena.. 5alena.. 5alena.. 5alena.. 5alena..
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Your Eyes Are In Front of Me

When your eyes are in front of me.. I love my life.. I am yours.. yours I am
When your eyes are in front of me.. my heart touches my dreams and I forget where I am.. where am I
We loved.. our lives are for each other.. let us be.. we loved.. let us be in our love.. let us be
Hug me, keep me warm.. In your eyes, hide me.. Life without you is not a life
I lived my life when I am with you.. my dreams come alive with you and my years I love in you
When you are with me I am holding life between my hands and I forget all the people and the whole world
Baby, this life is for us
We loved, we loved, we loved, we loved
Let us be, let us be, let us be, let us be
Publicado por Daydream el Mié, 31/12/2008 - 09:27