الوحيدة اللى انا حبيتها من كل قلبي بجد..

لاعمري شكيت فيها..

و لا غيرها حسيت حد..

ده انا كنت فاكرها ليا..

اتاريها لأى حد..

فهمتها غلط يا قلبي و اللوم مش عليها..

اللوم عليك انت يا قلبي..

انك صدقت عنيها..

قال و انا بخاف عليها..

قال و انا بغير عليها..

قال و انا ما عرفش افرح غير لما اشوف الفرحة في عنيها..

اكيد انا هلاقي غيرها..

و هانسى انا و لا هفتكرها..

مش عشان و احدة غريبة يبقى كله زيها..

لأ..في الف غيرها

Publicado por huanmah el Mié, 31/12/2008 - 09:34
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You are the only one I truly loved with all my heart

I had never complained about you

I had never felt for another (like I feel for you)

This whole time I thought she was all mine

Apparently she's for anyone

Oh heart, you misunderstood her and she is not to blame

The blame is on you, my heart

Because you believed her eyes

And you'd say you're worried about her

And you'd say you're jealous for her

And you'd say you couldn't be happy until you saw happiness in her eyes

Of course I will find another

And I'll forget about her completely

Just because one girl was odd doesn't mean all girls are like that

No.. there are a thousand others

Publicado por Daydream el Mié, 31/12/2008 - 09:34
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