Alamate Soal


Alamate Soal

ye panjere ba ye ghafas, ye hanjare bi ham nafas
shame man az boodane to, ye khaterast hamino bas
to in mosalase ghareeb setareha ro khat zadam
daram be akhar miresam, az onvare shab omadam

ye shab ke mesle marsiye kheyme zade ro bavaram
mikham to in sookoote talkh sedatoo az yad bebaram
bezar ke koole baramo roo shoneye shab bezaram
bayad ke az inja beram, forsate mondan nadaram

daghe tarane too negam, shooghe residan to tanam
to hajme sarde in ghafas, montazere par zadanam

man az tabare ghorbatam, az arezohaye mahal
gheseye ma tamom shode ba ye alamate soal

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Alamate Soal

a window with a cage, a throat without anyone to breathe with
my share from your presence is only a memory and nothing else
in this strange triangle, I drew a line on Stars
I'm about to die, I've come from the other side of night

a night, which has built a tent on my beliefs like a jeremiad
I want to forget your voice in this bitter silence
let me put my load on night's shoulder
I have to leave here, I have no time to stay

the heat of song is in my eyes, the passion of reaching is in my body
in this cold cage, I'm waiting to fly

I'm from exileds' tribe, I'm from impossible wishes
our story has got finished with a question mark

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