I was dying slowly [ Bavno Umirah (Бавно умирах) ]

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I was dying slowly

I was dying slowly day by day,
I was begging hardly for you to be beside me,
I was slowly dying away
My heart is crying for you
Проклета да бъда, че тебе обичах,
проклета да бъда, че вярвах на всичко,
себе си мразя, че дадох ти аз любовта.
Blindly after you, I was walking after you
I was living only for you,
You were tearing apart piece by piece
You were slowly tearing apart my heart
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Bavno Umirah (Бавно умирах)

Бавно умирах ден след ден,
молих се силно да бъдеш до мен,
бавно огасвах,
сърцето ми плаче за теб.


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