Oh lord, all I ask is for forgiveness
though I live the sinful lifestyle
hopin that you hear me out right now
You know the truth ever since I was a little kid
All the sins I comitted evil things that I did
To live it's kinda hard, in this land of temptation
Takin it day by day but I still pray for my salvation
or am I facin total darkness I'm guessin
Stuck between heaven and earth, still stressin progressin
to live my life around people with fake smiles
caught up in the midst of lies betrayal denials
I've been involved in situations that have let you down
And I know the things I've done is gonna come back around
I've been affiliated in a few two elevens
plus one eight sevens damaging my stairway to heaven
But I know when the moment comes I'll feel it in my soul
when it's time for me to go it'll be time for me to low
And I'll be waitin, waiti'n, waitin...

[Chorus: x2]
Haz que se vaya, lejos, lejos...
Porque la realidad enseña que el infierno no vale [la pena]

Que chingue a su pinche madre...
Bien presionado, en este lado
Cuidado, no lo has mirado?
Mi sueño es tener un chingo de mujeres
Salir del barrio que es más bajo que una mina
Moverme lejos como el mar, sin estorbar
Ten fe, pidele a Dios y algún día vas a pegar
Pa continuar yo necesito concentrarme
La vida no es para jugar y tu lo sabes


It doesn't faze me
Da way I was brought up in my days
Be scarrin up my brain
The hood games got me crazy
Livin' off the scraps of life ain't that outstanding
I feel the way I feel, influenced by my surrounding
Refuse to take a bounding, never can I be afraid
When it's time to be checkin gin I roll with the mexican reggae
Hopin that things don't really have to be like that
Without no trust it's a definite must to bust gats

Por eso vivo como vivo por que el enemigo
Que sea exitoso
He despertado de este sueño que me aloca
El pecador les ha pegado como ambolia

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