Two grenades [ Dyo Heirovomvides (Δυο Χειροβομβίδες) ]

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Two grenades

My great mistake
my crazy passion
I pay it expensively
like a knife in the heart
I gave you everything you wanted
I didn’t keep anything
I felt the end
I was fooled like silly
I wish I had two grenades
to destroy everything
houses, cars
movable and immovable properties
I wish I had two grenades
to destroy everything
I wish I had one more for me
to make you one last favour (free translation)
I’ve fell in deep waters
my heart has broken
and I pay for the broken things
that I love a betrayal (free translation)
you were giving nothing
you became a nightmare
fortunately it’s over (free translation)
I saved my soul
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Dyo Heirovomvides (Δυο Χειροβομβίδες)

Το μεγάλο λάθος μου
το τρελό το πάθος μου
το πληρώνω ακριβά
σαν μαχαίρι στην καρδιά
ό,τι ήθελες σου το 'δωσα
τίποτα δεν κράτησα
το φινάλε το 'νιωσα
σαν κουτός την πάτησα


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