Allow me to forget you (Dozvoli mi da te zaboravim)

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Allow me to forget you

It’s been a long time since you’re not mine
Our hapiness has collapsed
You frequently come into my dreams
and even now the heart remembers you
Allow me to forget you
This is my wish now
Allow me to forget you
I don’t need your untrue love
You have broken our love
That’s something you shouldn’t have done
What value do your words have now
Forgive me, I didn’t want to
All of the sudden, you’ve returned
To wake up the memories
But understand I don’t want love
And the lies which you’re offering
Publicado por NPazarka el Mar, 23/12/2008 - 15:12
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stefansih14 años 24 semanas

Dozvoli mi da te zaboravim

vec odavno nisi moja
srusena je nasa sreca
cesto meni u snu dodjes
srce te se i sad seca


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