It's her (E lei)

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It's her

I go out with her and I slowly put some make up on
I'll wait for her, whistling a bit gently
outside the city, in people's conspiracy of silence I'll love her dreaming
she has blue eyes and doesn't do it, clearly
she asks for more, but she will truly love me
she thought about it a little: "I love you or not" and I finally feel
her hands and herself.
It's all I ever wanted - it's her
the one who fills all my days and it's for her
that I dream about so many true things - it's only her
that makes me happy and for her
for as long as I live, I won't say no and I'll love her
I go out of there if it's not like this, like a mad person I will leave
far away
but she has blue eyes and she'll clearly do it
and I'll want more if she'll truly love me
she thinks about it a bit, she says no and gently
I feel her hands
she's a sea of trophies - it's her
the one who covers my mistakes - it's her
I'm waiting for the year I wish for and for her
for as long as I live, I won't say no and I'll love her
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E lei

Esco con lei mi trucco un po' lentamente
l'aspetterò fischiando un po' dolcemente
fuori città nell'omertà della gente l'amerò sognando
ha gli occhi blu e non lo fa chiaramente
chiede di più ma mi amerà veramente
ci pensò un po' "ti amo o no" e sento finalmente
le sue mani e lei.
È tutto quello che vorrei - è lei


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