El Helwa Dee (El Helwa Di | الحلوة دي)

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El Helwa Dee

This beautiful woman got up to do her dough at dawn
And the rooster crowed at dawn
Let's go and make our living by the name of God
Mister Atiyah I wish you a good morning so let's get up
God bless this morning, I don't know what's in store.
Wil geb mafish wallah maleem
Bes il mazg tayeb wil saleem
Noor il lamal amalak ya raheeem
Wisabere tayeb al wim gayr il ahwal
Yele ma-ak il mal bar-do il fayr lo rab kareem
Salah's father put my hand in your and get up
If you believe in god you will live in peace
Leave it to God
You better get up and hurry up before the sun is too high
The sun has risen / and God is king of this all
Go after your living / Leave it to God, he'll help you out
Why don't you carry your pickaxe and the rest of your equipment and let's go!
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El Helwa Di | الحلوة دي

الحلوة دي قامت تعجن في البدريه
و الديك بينده كو كو كو كو فالفجريه
يللا بنا على باب الله يا صنايعية
يجعل صباحك صباح الخيريا اصطه عطيه
صباح الصباح فتاح يا عليم
و الجيب ما فيهش و لا مليم
بس المزاج رايق و سليم


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