Help me to fly (Hilf mir fliegen)

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Help me to fly

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I got down (have landed) somewhere
Can´t tell you who I am
I have lost my memories
The pictures (in my mind) are sensless
Take me bayk, back home
I can´t get out of here on my own
Come and help me fly
Lend me your wings
I (ex-)change them against the world
with all, that´s keeping me here (*)
I change them tonight
with all I have
Tell me all the lies
Make me believe them (the lies)
otherwise a cannot breath anymore (**)
and these silence makes me death
only grey walls withoug light
all here, is withoug me (***)
I canno find myself here
I cannot recognize myself anymore
Come and get me our of here
I will give everything for this
I have wanderlust (****)
I want to come back
(but) the distance is getting bigger
with every moment
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Hilf mir fliegen

Ich bin hier irgendwo gelandet
Kann nicht mehr sagen, wer ich bin
Hab die Erinnerung verloren
Die Bilder ergeben keinen Sinn
Bring mich zurück, bring mich nach Haus
Ich schäff's nicht allein hier raus
Komm und hilf mir Fliegen


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