Love song (Liebeslied)

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Love song

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That's love at first sight
Not even Drum'n'Bass could beat in line with my heart now
You found your treasure without digging for it too long
Would lake it/her in your arms and cuddle it/her for hours
Really got you, you fish, you're on the hook
Tonight you'll wait in the tent in front of the record store
Having with you a radio, in case the song will on again
Spontaneous disinterest in all the other songs at once
In all those who look the same and use too much make-up
Choose out of 50 words to say the same
With cosmetic surgeries on digital panels
In matters of style always good advised by Poland
For you there's only and no other
And if someone does not think that yours is no. 1
You take out the red card, like Heinz and lock him up
Torment him with Simple Minds until he cries
Dangerous affairs
But it's not your fault, the song has to be liable for it
Your ears feel like newly-born, every day
And you ask yourself could you also marry a track in Denmark
Our beat had made Boom
Our beat had made Boom
And it had made Zoum
You want a love song, you get a lovely song
A song that you love
So listen to it
And feel like falling in love
If you've got nothing in stores in life, everything's ghetto
That means luck as gross, and frustration as net in the end
And a tear tattoo in the face, ey, then it's time for music
Because then you dance, and fly through the record store
And if your girlfriend is gone, that means your ex-girlfriend
Is your grasp for the lovely song of the Beginner your reflex
Not pages anymore but fissures on the record
Happens, stay relaxed, buy a new one, doesn't really matter
And if your life sucks sometimes
Do it like me, take out my notebook, write some lyrics, and become popular with them
If you're into me, my arrow has hit you
Now you're in the Beginner-rush, earlier you were drunk
From too many producers, cause no matter how they do it
Only thin tracks and rap with little tears in the eyes
That's why I rarely write tear-jerkers
While I am in the charts
Publicado por Steena el Vie, 01/01/2010 - 00:00
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