Since the day of ur love [ Men youm hawak (من يوم هواك) ]

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Since the day of ur love

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Honey, my heart died
and the farness causes my madness
what's the value of this life
while u r away from my sight
my heart in his presence
the same as in his absence
U made it forget its feelings
And got wasted from the suffering
since the day, your love became away
the whole world became black
what a torture, what a suffering, if the separation gets longer
i still have hope
that my heart hasn't been killed
my love ... my life .... i want u
my love was lost from me
and the separation loses my life
my heart has never abandon
my sympathy haven't changed even for moment
honey, i want see u
i want u to come back soon
even if ur conditions became difficult
,don't lose this passion
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Men youm hawak (من يوم هواك)

يا حبيبي قلبي مات
و البعد سبّب جنوني
شو قيمة هالحياة
وانت غايب عن عيوني
أنا قلبي ب حضوره
صاير متل الغياب
نسّيتو شعوره
دوّبتو من العذاب


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