They will not overtaka us [ Nas Ne Dagonjat (Нас не догонят) ]

traducción al Inglés

They will not overtaka us

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Just say
Then we are two
Just lights
Of the aerodrome
We will run away
They will not overtaka us
Farer from them
Farer from the home
Hide our shadows
Behind the clouds
Behind the clouds
They will not find us
They will not change us
They cannot touch
Stars with their hands
The sky lets fall
Night to the palms
They will not overtaka us
They will not overtaka us
They will not overtaka us
We will run away
Everything will be easy
Night will fall
The sky will let it fall
And the emptiness on crossroads
And emptiness will not overtake us
Dont say, they cannot understand
Please without them
Please not past
Better noway
But not to turn back
Please not with them
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Nas Ne Dagonjat (Нас не догонят)

sandring    Jue, 13/04/2017 - 06:45

The lyrics have been edited. You may want to synchronise your translation, thank you in advance! Regular smile