Ha*Ash - No te quiero nada (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

I don't love you at all

I don't want to keep myself
From finding my heart empty
From realizing that I wasn't me with you
I thought loving you would be enough
And no, it wasn't
I don't want to keep myself
From hearing you say that life is better
In your arms and I am parting with my heart
Don't tell me you love me
It doesn't mean anything, love...
Because I found myself in your eyes
And I lost myself so many times
Because at the exact point of darkness I lost all contact
With you...
Take back your look
Because it isn't disarming anymore
Take back your words
With which you would hypnotize me
And I gave my life a purpose
And today they say nothing, nothing...
That's why I don't love you at all [That's why I don't love you at all]
I no longer love you at all.
I don't want to keep myself
From finding pieces of my heart
And breaking again when I realize that I was
The one who gave you everything
And that wasn't the best, it wasn't...
This is how it is
With cold hearts
There is no need to risk anything
Because nothing gets to them
Not even a little ray [of light] in the morning
And where love loses its way
And doesn't find its place... uoooohhh...
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No te quiero nada

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