Say that again


Oul Tani Keda

Nancy I love you
Nancy I love you

Aih ool tani keda
Meen tosod inana
Hobena aashena
Howa enta betetkalam anana

Ya nasi hawak w wakhed maak
Layali w sineen omrena
Dana ely ishtarait w dobt w hawait
W daa men edaik hobena

Enta meen fil hawa w fil shou
Howa enta hobak de aih matfou
Wala enta fakrak bi kelma menak
Khalas hasamhak w hansa awam

Aih da aih
Oul tani keda
Meen tosod inana

Fel gharam lessa badri alaik
Wala omri tani hafakar feek
Dana kont ganbak w sabni albak
Atari hobak kalam fey kalam

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Say that again

Nancy I love you

Aih, say that again
Who? Do you mean us?
Our love, our relationship?
Are you talking about us?

You, who forget your love, are taking with you
our nights and the years of our life
I was the one who bought, fell in love and loved
And our love slipped away from your hand

Who are you in the love and the desiring?
What is your love? Wake up!
Or are you thinking that with a word of you
I will forgive you and forget (everything) immediatelly?

What, what?
Say that again
Who? Are you talking about us?

In the love its too early for you
And I will never think of you again
I was next to you and your heart left me
Your love was just words

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