Wrong One (Pogrešna)

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Wrong One

Everything that i never liked
God joined in you
Everything I gave up
He keapt in you
Easy kiss for sweet lips
paths for alien steps
Wrong, wrong
like the moon in the middle of the day
in my rooms
you came uninvited
wrong, wrong
I feel sorry about that now
if you were like an angel
God would give you to someone else
everything that I'd be ashamed of
I saw in you too late
Just like I didnt want
God created you like that
Full of sin and false laugh
and sent you to me
God would give you to someone else
Publicado por Adrienne el Mar, 23/12/2008 - 15:09
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Što nikad kad nisam voleo
u tebi Bog je spojio
sve čega sam se odrek'o
u tebi je sačuvao
Poljupce lake za usne slatke
staze za tuđe korake


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