Prawy do lewego

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Prawy do lewego

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There is a big table in a big hall
There are a lot of quests at the table
The host bend in an half *
Is hitting a glass with a spoon

Quiet! I'd like to make a toast
If it is possible in honour of
Our homeland in which we lead our life

You are right my brother **!

So drink up for that !
[b]And who won't drink with us
We will took him into two sticks ***
Right one to left one
Drink up mate !
We all know that it never happend any bad things...***

There was herring on the table
Mr Zbych saw it
And he figure out in a second
That the herring likes to swim****
He gets up to make another toast
In honour of family which is a holy (blessed)
And in addition for mother-in-law too
Because the family is the power !

You are right mate...

The young people of today are not the same (as in the past)
Mr. Stach was complaining
But he waved his hand so hard *****
That he spill beetroop soup on a lady

There is nothing to warried, isn't it ?
She can take off the dress
But the toast is rising for good manners

This is Mr Kazik's turn
So he take off his tie
Because the tie makes him look older
And although he was already drunk

He stand up with a grace
Stuttering, he made a signal
To drink now for
Mrs Mani's boobs

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Prawy do lewego

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