The last hello


Salame Akhar


salam ey ghoroube gharibaneye del
salam ey tolou'e sahargahe raftan
salam ey ghame lahze haye jodaee
khodahafez ey she're shabhaye rooshan

khodahafez ey she're shabhaye rooshan
khodahafez ey ghesseye asheghane
khodahafez ey abiye rooshane eshgh
khodahafez ey atre she're shabane

khodahafez ey hamneshine hamishe
khodahafez ey daghe bar del neshaste
to tanha nemimani, ey mande bi man
tora misparam be delhaye khaste

tora miseparam be minaye mahtab
tora miseparam be damane darya
agar shab neshinam, agar shab shekaste
tora miseparam be royaye farda

be shab miseparam tora ta nasoozad
be del miseparam tora ta namirad
agar cheshmeye vaje az gham nakhoshkad
agar roozegar in seda ra nagirad

khodahafez ey barg o bare in dele man
khodahafez ey saye sare hamishe
agar sabz rafti, agar zard mandam
khodahafez ey nobahare hamishe - Goodbye O evergreen (everspring

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The last hello

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Hello O the sad sunset of heart
Hello O the sunrise of morning of going
Hello O the grief of separateness's moments
Goodbye O the poem of bright nights

Goodbye O the poem of bright nights
Goodbye O the amorous story
Goodbye O the bright bluness of love
Goodbye O the smell of nighty poem

Goodbye O the ever companion
goodbye O the grief which has sat on the heart
you won't stay alone, who have satyed without me
I surrender you to the tired hearts

I surrender you to the mirror of moon
I surrender you to the lap of sea
if I've sat in the night, if I'm broken night (if my night is broken)
I surrender you to the tomorrow dream

I surrender you to the night till it doesn't burn
I surrender you to the heart till it doesn't die
if the fountain of words doesn't dry up
if the life doesn't get this voice

Goodbye O the leaf of my heart
Goodbye O the ever shade
if you went green, if I stayed yellow
new spring)

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