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all girls

all girls, my mother got married
got married to the most handsome guys
and me, the youngest, the most beautiful girl
my mother, I left with no luck
I took the young drunkard
that is drinking,wine, brandy
all day he goes to inns,mother
he drinks,benders till dawn
every evening he goes to inns,mother
all for that damned brandy
and when he returns,mother,from the inn
he starts to hit me
Publicado por Im little one el Vie, 01/01/2010 - 00:00
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Site Devojcinja

Site devojčinja, mamo se mažlija,
Najubava momce zedoja,
A jas najmalata, najubava moma,
Si ostanav mamo bez k'smet.
Jas si go zedov mladoto bekrivče,
Što mi pie vino, rakija,
Vezden mi odi mamo, po meani,


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