You Don't Love Me (Ti mene ne volis)

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You Don't Love Me

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i love you, love you like God
any) luck, I don't have it because of that
'cause you, you dont love me
for this sadness there is no cure
heart would break even if it were stone
'cause you, you dont love me
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if i go i'll fade
if i stay i'll become insane
but it's all same
because of you i'll die anyway
because of I'm flying, because of you I'm falling
and i dont know what more to hope for
'cause you, you dont love me
there is no luck for me under the grey sky
in a world of pain i'm afraid to live
'cause you, you dont love me
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Ti mene ne volis

Ja tebe volim, volim k'o Boga
al' srece nemam, nemam zbog toga (but i dont have
jer ti mene, ti mene ne volis
Od ove tuge lijeka mi nema
puklo bi srce i da je stijena
jer ti mene, ti mene ne volis


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