i only have you


Vetëm ty te kam

Ditet me te mira i kaloj vetem me ty
Orete 'dhe minutat si harroj
Mbylli syt ti te me ndjesh ti gjithmon jam me ty Me kerko me kerko
Te lutem me kupto kur nuk te flas e mbaj inat Dhe pse lotet i fsheh
Un e di nje perqafim nga ty
Sa shume qe me mungon

Vetem ty te kam
Zemer ty
Afrohu me pran
Te shoh ne sy
Mos ke frik
Jam ok
Te kam shpirt/ you are my soul
Te kisha dhe ste kisha

Sa dua te me thuash te dua
Sa dua te me thuash tani
Baby ti je ajo qe me mungon

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i only have you

my best days are spent because i am with you
i don't forget the hours and minutes
close your eyes, so you can always sense me, i am with you, look for me
please understand me when i become stubborn and refuse to talk to you, 'cause i hide my tears
i only know of the hug you give me
your absence is so difficult

i only have you
you sweetheart
come by my side
so i can look into your eyes
don't be afraid
i am okay
i had you and i didn't

i want you to tell me 'i love you'
i want you to tell me now
baby you are what I'm missing

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