Wahda Ehlawwet


Wahda Ehlawwet

Wa7da e7lawet fe 3eeny
Akdeb lw shafet 3eeny
3'erha mn kol banat eldonia
6eebet 2albaha we 3neeha
De7ketha kol ma feha
3erfet temla eldonioa de 3alaya

Aktar awi melli fballi
3adet begamalha 5ayali
Mahma etkalmet 3aleha
Hawsef fe eh
Re2tha we hya f7odni
3erfet mn ro7i ta5odni
Awel e7sas 6amni werta7t leh

Ba7lam wala de 7a2e2a
Nefsi ma3'amdsh de2e2a
3omry makan yom 3la bali da kolo
7ases beldonia m3aha
Agmal 6ol mana wayaha
Sho2i ma7desh feldonia weselo

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Wahda Ehlawwet

Someone gets pretty in my eyes
I lie if I've seen someone
like her in all the girls of the world
Her good-heartedness and her eyes
Her smile, everything in her
She knew how to fill the emptiness of my life

She's more than what I've fancied
She passed by her beauty my imagination
However I talk about her
What can I describe
Her softness while she's in my arms
She knew how to take me from my soul
It is the 1st peaceful sensation I become satisfied with

Am I dreaming or it's the reality
I wish I wouldn't close my eyes
I've never imagined all that
I feel that my life is
More pleasant with her
There is no one in this world have my passion

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