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The glance in her eyes
Changes the colour of my day
It's unbelivable
From black when she's angry
To more blue than blue when she laughs
The sun hangs constant amorously around her
And the moon leaves her never a seconde alone
One word from her lips
Can each time work miracles
It's unpredictable
Sometimes she resounds as a storm
And sometimes as sunny a season
But how hard it ever freezes
She has been this way thawed out
As long as she is with me I never annoy myself
Because she
She is the sun and the moon for me
She has the bests of both
So mysterious
And so warm at the same time
And she does everything with me
She is free
Free to go but she stays with me
She is the ebb and the flood
She is irrisistible
She tells me simply what finds
A woman and a child
She is wind and calm*
And she
She belongs to me
And she opens a world for me
She is the sun on my skin and the rain
Tailwind and headwind**
She is favourable in everything for me***
She makes me cheerful
She holds me tight makes me free
She is always there
She makes me part of her large whole
She is better half
Of me
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