Ah when I get my hands on you... (Ai Se Eu Te Pego)

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Ah when I get my hands on you...

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Wow, wow
You're gonna kill me that way
Ah when I get my hands on you, (poor you)
Ah when I get my hands on you, (poor you)
Delicious, delicious
You're gonna kill me that way
Ah when I get my hands on you, (poor you)
Ah when I get my hands on you, (poor you)
Saturday party night
Everyone began to dance
The hottest girl of the place passed me by
So I got the guts up and began to say to her
Wow, wow
You're gonna kill me that way
Ah when I get my hands on you, (poor you)
Ah when I get my hands on you, (poor you)
Delicious, delicious
You're gonna kill me that way
Ah when I get my hands on you, (poor you)
Ah when I get my hands on you, (poor you)
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Ai Se Eu Te Pego

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    Enero 7th, 2012

I appreciate your attempt to render this song into English. But I do have a few questions:

1. Assim você me mata - Is this future tense (as you have rendered it), or present: "You are killing me this way" ?
2. (poor you) - From where does this come? Is this an added clarification or explanation?
3. Sábado na balada - You have translated "Saturday party night" - how about "Saturday at the disco" ?
4. "to get my hands on (someone)" in American English always indicates a threat of bodily harm. I don't think that is the intention of this song.

Javierat     Enero 10th, 2012

As far as I know, there is a hard sexual content implicit in this song, relating this to your 4th statement. but i couldn't really tell you whether the translation is correct or not. In any way, the line certainly indicates a sexual act related to a warning made before, therefore we could read it as a threat, this despite any misunderstanding.

Jose Fernandez     Diciembre 15th, 2012

Ai se eu te pego = Aye, si te pego... means Oh, if I hit you... "hit" meaning scoring.... hitting..... slamming.... getting busy..... Asi voce me mata.... That's how you kill me, meaning that's how you get me, that's how you get me crazy, that's how I go nuts, ..... Sabado en a balada... Sabado en el baile, meaning "saturday at the dance" or "saturday at the party".

carina.chaves     Junio 24th, 2014

Pego in Portuguese means "I catch" or "I get". It is totally different from Spanish (hit) and this song has nothing to do with violence, hahaha.

aylin_22     Enero 10th, 2012

Hey! If you allow me, I would like to say something (and even if you don't allow me, I will do it Wink )
Just as Berliner25 says, I don't believe he really wants to "harm" the girl...I rather should have said " Ai, if I could catch you" because as I understand the rest of the lyrics , he has to take his courage to talk to her, so...he couldn't have warned her before...But, I'm not Portuguese and it's just my opinion Smile ...

koen     Febrero 2nd, 2012

well said Smile

turcanin     Enero 10th, 2012

"when I get my hands on you" is indeed a threat. He plans to love her to death. Smile
There are some guys singing: "I'm gonna' love you black and blue baby/ When I get my hands on you".
Donna Summer sings something about "When I get my hands on you, I won't let go/ This time I know it's for real"
A threat we can all live with! Smile

algebra     Enero 10th, 2012

Hi Berliner25 and everyone, thanks for your suggestions and remarks.

(1) I use future tense because we can render this line as follows "Stop it or you'll kill me", so the present is perfectly acceptable if you want to keep the same tense as it is in Portuguese.

(2) and (4) When natives say "Se eu te pego/pegar", it is really a warning to the listener, and as far as I know, there is no other use for it. Parents might say it to their naughty children to warn them and they will understand it as "Behave yourself or you'll get a memorable beating", so it is quite natural to say "If I get my hands on you, poor you" but this "poor you" does not belong to the original lyrics, that's why I prefer to keep it in brackets. We can use "If I catch you" or even better "If I get you alone" but if you think that it sounds too much threatening, I appreciate any suggestion.

(3) Agreed. But one must remember that balada is a party that happens at night, and not necessarily at any club.

turcanin     Enero 10th, 2012

Sábado na balada/ A galera começou a dançar/ E passou a menina mais linda/ Tomei coragem e comecei a falar/ Delícia, delicia/ Assim você me mata/ Ai, se eu te pego=Saturday at the party/ The crowd began to dance/ The hottest chick passed me by/ So I took heart and started to talk/ Yummy, yummy/ You're gonna kill me this way/ Oh, if I get my hands on you…

pazize     Enero 13th, 2012

Hey guys, posting from Brazil here. Algebra did a good job translating it, but some parts could be better understood with different wording.

1. I like it better as Berliner25 suggested "You are killing me this way" for the "Assim você me mata". It is really telling that the way the girl looks and, possibly moves and dresses, is "killing" him.

2. Also, I like turcanin's approach to "Delícia, Delícia" with "yummy, yummy". "Delícia" is a naughty way to say someone is very hot.

3. Javierat is right saying that the song has strong sexual meaning, though not very implicit for us brazilians. It is actually quite explicit, just short of literal. The sentence "Ai, se eu te pego" has a clear sexual meaning in this context. He is actually saying: "If you allow me, and maybe even if you don't, I will have sex with you." It is indeed a threat, but a threat that arouses a great number of people Wink

algebra     Enero 14th, 2012

I agree totally =)

Ronaninho     Enero 30th, 2012

I am just back from Fortaleza where this is a hit obviously, as in everywhere else in Brazil. Not surprisingly this song creates spontaneous excitement in the expanses of Fortaleza suburbs, such as Granja Portugal, when heard on the radio, when played out of those hard to get used to (for me) loudspeakers in the back of cars, when played out of doorways etc. Everybody will literally, at the drop of a hat, start to sing along and dance. You know the way. This out of the blue dancing is actually one of my favourite things about Brazil by the way. Anyway, the lyrics were explained to me as follows:

Assim você me mata: with what you're doing will kill me, literally the way I react to you (you not actually doing anything but just being the way you are) ..will kill me, i.e. my reaction to you being so sexy will kill me

Se eu te pego: Overtly sexual is an understatement. When I asked what this means I got a graphical rendition of jigy-jigy pelvic motions, you know the universal hands upturned in and out pelvic dance. Saying 'eu se te pego' to another girl in public will either get you slapped by your girlfriend or sllapped by both girls, or else if you are single and confident and lucky, it might go down well.

I cannot comment on the verses, I only learned the chorus from my informants:) sorry ! Smile

Ronaninho     Enero 30th, 2012

Two more clarifications, Delicia is, as some others said above, a pretty clear intent, its cheeky like 'Gostosa' yet is innocent and generally acceptable, its like what you'd say while eating a mango!

Seu eu te pego has some overtones of forcefulness, as explained to me. I was told he means he would like to take her and sort of thinks he will. I can't really explain this but the girls who told me said it wasnt malicious it was just sort of, I'm not really sure, they love the song anyway.

Rubia     Febrero 17th, 2012

I'm curious about the word "Nossa". Is that ending with an "a" because it's an adjective and linked to the hot girl? Would it be nosso, had it been a girl singing about a guy? Also can you say nossa about someone if they look hot - or how it is used?

algebra     Febrero 18th, 2012

Hi, Rubia. Actually we say "nossa" whenever we are surprised or shocked and it is independent of genre. It's a reduced form of "Nossa senhora" which means literally "Our Lady" (in the religious sense, like Our Lady of Fatima, for example). It is equivalent to the English "Oh my god".

Rubia     Febrero 19th, 2012

Thanks, Algebra.

translate2000     Marzo 10th, 2012

Interesting! Im spanish speaker and thought the song said "Moza" which is a word for a mistress... but cool to know what Nossa means...

Engie     Abril 10th, 2012

There's actually an official eng mvid by Michel

It's under the famous micheltelo11 username in case the link doesn't work. He actually does use (1.)"...O my God (2.)if I catch you".(3.)Delicious,delicious.(4.)Wow,wow. Now, I'm not saying it's definitely a literal translation. However, seeing the deep appreciation here of not only the literal, but also the literary, stylistic meaning; I thought some of you may find his own take interesting.

Engie     Abril 10th, 2012

Also, (5.) " Saturday at the party...".

algebra     Abril 10th, 2012

Hi Engie, thank you for your correction. I heard his English version and I agree that it sounds nice indeed. One must notice that "delicious" is not the direct translation to "delícia". Delícia is not an adjective. Since the song blends many colloquial expressions, "Delicia" works here either as an interjection "Que delícia" or even as a complete sentence "Você é/está uma delícia". English would say "Yammy yammy" but that is a bad choice since it sounds childish and cheesy instead of sexy with a pinch of malice which it's meant in the original lyrics.

LoboD     Octubre 23rd, 2013

Truth is, you can't understand this song by directly translating the words. This song has direct sexual content. What it's about? Its about a guy hanging out Saturday night notices this extremely hot girl and he approaches and tells her "you would kill me if I had sex with you": Ai si te pego translated to Spanish, Ay si te cojo. Cojo is a conjugated form of the word coger. Coger in spanish has the connotation of, pardon my language, "to screw".

alexiana.rosado     Noviembre 24th, 2013

The whole song is wrong, it's:
Wow,wow. This way your gonna kill me. Oh, if I catch you. Oh my god, if I catch you. Delicious, delicious. This way your gonna kill me. Oh, if I catch you. Oh my god, if I catch you.
Saturday at the party, everybody started to dance. Then the prettiest girl past in front of me. I got closer and started to say...