Star alley (Aleja gwiazd)

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Star alley

Apple and sin – that's how it must be
war and laughter just after them...
Green and brown colors, flame and smoke,
beggar and king with a crown...
Sun and hail, day after night,
light and darkness side by side,
champaigne and gas, sleep after life
and nothing will succumb to you anymore...
Give me your hand, the port is so far away
Where is home today, where the solar way?
On the star alley, on the star alley we're running, God knows the way,
beneath the sky of the stars, beneath the sky of the stars we're living, and each of us alone.
And then like this: coolness, then blues,
spirit, then bud – always together
the west and the east, wind as well as frost
the angel and the guardian never come alone...
Publicado por Mauler el Lun, 27/09/2010 - 20:41
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"zachód i wschód (słońca)" - means also sunset and sunrise;
thx algebra, didn't know the song, let alone the singer

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Aleja gwiazd

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algebra5 años 34 semanas
algebra     Septiembre 28th, 2010

You're welcome. And thank you very much for the translation, I suspected it was a beautiful text. Maybe you don't know her since these songs are kind of 70's-80's groove. Long time ago... Smile

algebra     Septiembre 29th, 2010

And you know what, when I heard this song for first time, I thought it was very similar to the She-ra's opening theme that I used to watch when I was small (although the boys never confessed that, because He-man for boys, She-ra for girls). This was in fact in a very long time ago LOL

Mauler     Septiembre 29th, 2010

Lol, never heard of She-ra (He-man yes), but I remember the 70ties/80ties Wink