Yesterday (Ayer)

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Hey tell me where you're going, and if
you know your destiny
hey, where will you leave your hidden dreams
Look, the moon left us
illuminated, very close
and despite that good-bye
my door was always open
like before...
Yesterday you fit in my heart
And you hid in a corner
Of the other side
I know that life let us
know that our love
is not over (is not over).
Hey, your look says you're sorry
heeey tell me if it's the truth or it's just my impression!
Say that it's neither madness nor obsession
That it's not a whim, simply
tell him that your're sorry and that
I never stopped loving you
like before...
Chorus (2 times)
Hey tell me where you're going,
and if you know your destiny
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maricel     Agosto 1st, 2011

Hi! I think there are some mistakes in the spanish lyrics; therefore in the English translation.
1- 'Ayer CABIAS en mi corazón.' The verb is 'to fit' not 'to fall' (look at the video, he presses his lips together when pronouncing the 'B'.
2- Yo se que la vida nos DEJO SABER que nuestro amor no esta acabado. These 2 verbs are 1 structure, the translation will be: 'life LET us KNOW that our love isn't over'.
3- That it is not simply a whim. Porque si pones 'simply' al final de la oración entonces cambias el sentido de la frase.
4- Tu mirada DICE ESTAR ARREPENTIDA. Well, I think that this verb structure doesn't exist in English, please correct me if I'm wrong (I'm learning, too). What he is saying is that her eyes show her regret.
5- Dile (a el) que lo sientes y que yo nunca he dejado de quererte. Tell him that you're sorry and that I've never stopped loving you.

Paresh     Agosto 6th, 2011

Thanks for posting this!
Like maricel pointed out in point 1, it is probably not caías. Also, I don't think it is cabias (which means rafter noun).
Instead it is probably cabida (room)
So it would be:
Ayer cabida es en mi corazón - Yesterday there was room in my heart (for you)

On point number 4....Katherine's translation is correct. It looks like you picked up the translation from Google. Well, Google does not have you have to take it with a grain of salt. Also, Google's translation may not be perfect....that's why they have a link for rating the translation.

Also, on point 5...Katherine's trans is correct.

el_caballero     Agosto 9th, 2011


On point 1, it's definitely 'cabi'as', (stress on the '-bi-') meaning 'had room for you', or ' you fit'. You can hear it if you listen closely, and you can certainly see the 'b' pronounced in the video. In any case, your phrase "ayer cabida es..." doesn't make sense in Spanish.

On point 4, it's the same idea either way. There is a fine point, though, in that the 'estar arrepentida' is being used as a noun, and as the object of 'dice'.

On point 5, I think maricel is right: "say what you feel' would be 'di lo que sientes' --- ' di(le) que lo sientes' means 'tell (him) (that) you're sorry'.

Katherine0825     Diciembre 14th, 2011

There are apparently some errors in the original. Thanks to those who pointed them out. And on point 5, maricel is right. I did not read the original correctly the first time (I accidentally reversed the word order and read it as "dile LO QUE sientes" which would be "tell him what you feel") I agree that my translation on point 4 is correct, so I'm not going to edit that.

Yasser.Mee     Septiembre 6th, 2013


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