Barba papa, the magic (Barba papa)

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Barba papa, the magic

In the calendar we have a date- some day, i don't know when
where for kid's they sett the movies, something like jokes
In the movies there are the barbarones- somewhere, i don't know where
biger such as the baloons. How much every one will eat...
Every one of them, they have a gift for help and for shows
when the Barba papa says: Okus-mokus, Barba focus!
They in time transfom their self like some one who- i don't know how,
in the car, or in the house, or in the sing near to the road!
We need their help sometime- i don't know when.
Or...somebody they have need, when he is fall in the hull.
He need to ask for barbarones, somewhere - i don't know where.
or after the branches there, or after the courtains here...
To wait and believe, that from any sign
it will be the roast of father Baraba: Okus-mokus, Barba focus!
Barbarones then, somewhere- i don't know how
easy and for a joke they will through out every enemies of ours...
Yesterday, today, or tomorow, somewhere,- i don't know when
i will go for found them easy- where is just this raynbow of them ...
Under which the barbarones somewhere-i don't know where,
they live more like a milions- who will guide me there to find?
To learn this gift for a help and for the show
what the Barba papa says:Okus-mokus, Barba focus!
La-la-la-la.....Okus-mokus, Barba focus!
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Barba papa

В календара има дата - някога, не знам кога
дето пускат за децата, филми като на шега.
В тях играят барбарони -някъде, не знам къде
едри колкото балони. Всеки колко ли яде.
Всички имат чудна дарба и за помощ и за показ
щом прошепне татко Барба: Фокус-мокус, Барба фокус!


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