I swear to God I'm in love with you (Bekhoda asheghetam)


Bekhoda asheghetam


vaghti ke parande ha az in diyar khaste mishan
miran be shahre ashegha
ashegh o delbaste mishan

vaghti ke shaparaka parashono baz mikonan
khatere ha zende mishan
man ba to avaz mikhoonam

bekhoda asheghetam

vaghi paeez mimire
khatere ha joon migiran
in tane khasteye man az tane to khoon migire
zire in saghfe ghashang
adamaye rangarang
hamegi jooftan ba ham
ama man ba deli tang

bekhoda asheghetam

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I swear to God I'm in love with you

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When the birds get tired of this land
They fly to city of lovers
Then they fall in love and become lovers

When the butterflies open their wings
The memories become alive
And I will sing with you

I swear to God I'm in love with you

When the autumn falls
The memories rise
My tired body get all his strength from your body
Under this marvelous roof
All this different people
They are all with each other
But I am lonely one

I swear to God I'm in love with you
I'm in love with you

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