rowing and rowing (Berakit Rakit)

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rowing and rowing

I'm still here, on this earth
Places to eat, drink, and everything
This is freedom, they said.
But I'm not used singing in my home alone
My body would have wounds, or become worse
Invited and disappeared
This era of drugs
Not in the stone age
Or the story of Rambo
This is not a soap opera story
The patient always win
At the end of the episode ...
Rowing our raft upriver
Swimming to the shore
Sickness come first, but healing does not come
In fact, we die later
I still sing, but only in my heart
Let the worms in my stomach to know
There's freedom in this place ...
Publicado por thaesya el Mié, 29/06/2011 - 14:31
Comentarios del autor:

im sorry if i cannot convey the meaning appropriately. the expression "Berakit-rakit kita ke hulu
Berenang ke tepian, Bersakit dahulu, (bersenang kemudian)" mean we should do hard stuff first so we will have free time after that. however they use "senang pun tak datang, Malah mati kemudian" meaning hardwork does not give the appropriate reward - one just die. ie the futility of it all

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Berakit Rakit

Aku masih di sini, di atas bumi ini
Tempatku makan, minum, e'e dan segalanya
Merdekalah katanya
Tapi aku tak bisa, nyanyi di rumah sendiri
Tubuh pasti luka, atau jadi berita
Dijemput dan menghilang