Mad about you (Boig per tu)

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Mad about you

In the wet sand i write, baby
I'm mad about you,
I spend my days waiting for the nights
How can I love you if you
are so far from me
servile and beaten
mad about you
I am perfectly aware that from this bar
i cannot reach you
but from the bottom of my drinking glass I see
your light reflected
I'm gonna drink it
servile and beaten
mad about you.
When you're not there in the morning
my tears will get lost
inside the rain that's gonna fall today
And I will get tangled
drunk with this light
servile and beaten
Mad about you
Publicado por Mad_scalpel el Vie, 15/10/2010 - 21:22
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Cute song, beautiful original language

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Boig per tu

En la terra humida escric, nena
estic boig per tu
em passo els dies esperant la nit.
com et puc estimar si de mi


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El Piloto     Mayo 14th, 2012

How about:
"wet floor" rather than "wet sand" (he's in a bar)
"devoted" instead of "servile"
quedar = stay/remain

igotstyle     Agosto 12th, 2013

El Piloto, I wouldn't agree with wet floor because, although he's in a bar, he's saying "la terra" (earth) instead of "el terra" (floor). Anyway sand isn't terra either.