Black Madonna (Czarna Madonna)

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Black Madonna

There's a corner in this world,
Where everyone wants to return to,
Where Her Countenance rules,
On it two cut features.
She has a sad, concerned sight,
As if she'd like to request you
To yield yourself to Her motherly care.
Madonna, Oh Black Madonna,
How good it is to be Your child!
Oh, please, Black Madonna, let me
Take cover in Your arms!
You'll find quiet in Her arms
And you'll find shelter from the evil,
'Cause She has a tender heart
For all of Her children.
She'll surround you with loving care,
When you give away your heart to Her,
When you repeat for Her with joy these words:
Today, when unquiet is around us,
Where can man seek for shelter,
Where shall one go, if not to one's Mother,
Who'll give consolation?
So let us beg, oh Madonna,
Put your sight onto Your children
And listen how we sing, begging You...
Publicado por Mauler el Dom, 15/08/2010 - 16:03
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Czarna Madonna

Jest zakątek na tej ziemi,
Gdzie powracać każdy chce,
Gdzie króluje Jej Oblicze,
Na Nim cięte rysy dwie.
Wzrok ma smutny, zatroskany,
Jakby chciała prosić cię,
Byś w matczyną Jej opiekę oddał się.


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