Dard E Tanhai Mein


Dard E Tanhai Mein

Bechainiya Hai Saansein Ruki Hai, Tanhaiyon Mein Teri Kami Hai

Bechainiya Hai Saansein Ruki Hai, Tanhaiyon Mein Teri Kami Hai
Aankhon Mein Aansu Thamte Nahi Hai, Kaise Hai Yeh Pal Kathe Nahi Hai
(Dard-E-Tanhai Mein)- 4

Phulon Ki Yeh Shaakhi Hai Kaanton Se Saji
Mitane Se Na Mitegi Dil Ki Yeh Bebasi
Jo Hum Pe Gujari Hai Beetein Tum Pe Kabhi
Tumko Bhi Yaad Aaye Beeti Baatein Sabhi
Mushkil Hai Khushiyon Se Ghum Ka Milna Yahaan
Sholo Mein Lipata Hai Mere Dil Ka Jahaan
(Dard-E-Tanhai Mein)- 4

Aise Bhi Hum Jiyenge Kabhi Socha Hi Nahi
Jo Sapne Tut Jaaye Woh Judte Phir Nahi
Dasati Hai Yaadon Ki Parchhayiya Teri
Aawaara Iss Dil Ki Koi Manzil Hi Nahi
Saahil Se Yeh Lehare Kyun Hoti Hai Juda
Aankhon Ke Yeh Aansu Tujhe Dete Hai Sada
(Dard-E-Tanhai Mein)- 6

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please please translate in englash

 Intentar alinear
traducción al Inglés

Dard E Tanhai Mein

An uneasiness is there
My breath has stopped
There is your absence in my loneliness

Tears do not stop from my eyes
What are these moments that do not pass?

In pain filled loneliness

The branches of flowers are decorated with thorns
This helplessness will not go away by trying

You too should suffer what I have
You too should remember the bygone moments

The meeting of happiness with grief is difficult
The world of my heart is wrapped in flames

I hadn't ever thought that I shall have to live like this
Dreams,once broken can not mend
The shadows of your memories bite me
There is no destination of this stroller heart

Why does the shore seperate from the waves?
The tears from my eyes are calling you

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MayGoLoco     Noviembre 21st, 2011

Do not include the original lyrics in the translation!!!

GeorgiaAdams     Noviembre 27th, 2011

u know i am just trying to help people, for some its more helpful to see both lyrics.


MayGoLoco     Noviembre 27th, 2011

But both lyrics can already be seen, side by side!