Dhoom taana

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Dhoom taana

Dhoom taana...
How do i meet eyes with you, my love?
How can i not be afraid, my love?
How i won't be blushed, my love?
Don't touch me please, my love.
Dhoom taana...

MRIGNAINI (a girl who has beautiful eyes like the deer has), you don't know
How much love i have for you in my heart.
This restlessness asks for
The beauty of your youth.
Your body is like a flower.
Your body has colors.
I'm (colored) with your colors.
In your colors there's beauty.
Your beauty shines like the sunshine.
Your sunshine is unique, o belle.
Why are you blushed of me, my love?
Let me touch you today, my love.
Dhoom taana...

I walked around,
I walked around crazily.
My body is like a cup (of wine).
I meet eyes
And people start dreamming me.
Seems that living in people's hearts is my work.
Live in my heart, i didn't stop you.
But understand what my desires are.

How do i explain it?
How do i meet this demand?
How do i wear the crown of your love, my love?
Why do you rule my heart, my love?
Dhoom taana...

My dear friend, your song;
Your song has love in it.
Your love is my song, o belle.
Your love is my victory, o belle.
In my victory there's a loss.
In my loss there's love.
In my love there's a sign, o belle.
Forget all the work today, my love.
Dhoom taana...

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