Year after year (2) [ Din an în an (2) ]

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Year after year (2)

Year after year they're coming back
At the window, on Christmas Eve
[Everything is frozen and the road is dangerous
But it's an ancient tradition.] - bis
Today I sing in choir with my folks,
this good and holy Christmas carol.
[The "Father" was already the
Old "Father Christmas" in their days.] - bis
There's a party and there's a dance
At your house now
[But there are homes without fire
And tomorrow Father Christmas is coming.] - bis
Now I , be healthy,
and joyful about Christmas.
[But don't forget when you are enjoying,
Romanian, to be good!] - bis
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Din an în an (2)

Din an în an sosesc la noi
La geam cu Moș Ajun,
[E ger cumplit și drumu-i greu
Dar e-obicei străbun.] - bis
Azi cu strămoșii cânt în cor,
Colindul sfânt și bun.
[Tot "Moș" era și-n vremea lor,


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