Touch me (Dodirni me)

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Touch me

I stare upon you with different eyes
Just the way that I shouldn't
Vojvodina* is asleep in you
A hundred springs, not a single coastline

And I do not understand what is happening to me
I'm missing the word that'll solve everything
Within you a secret remains
Like music of great composers long gone

[Chorus 2x]
Touch me, oh so accidentally
Kiss me, like a silver screen fantasy
And when it's the sweetest, stop
Turn around and vanish from sight

I feel something strange in the air
An entire world upon one pillow
Upon the bedsheets of the full moon
No one here feels like sleeping tonight

[Chorus 2x]

Publicado por Lumosnight el Mar, 01/05/2012 - 18:23
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*Vojvodina is the north region of Serbia

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