Dogum gunu (Dogum Gunu)

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Dogum gunu

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i can't see inot peoples' faces
my throat is knotted and can't be undone
even if you wanted me to, I can't come to your side
if i could only catch this darkness, if i could catch it and tear it up!
oh if only my hand wouldnt catch fire i could hold your hand
if i didn't keep quiet, if i spoke, if i could hear your voice
if i could only hold your beautiful face, press it to my bosom
my birthday my rose x 2
my birthday you're saying
happy birthday, be happy for years to come
from beads i made you a bird that you will place in the window
the police will take me and interrogate me for nights
don't wait for me, maybe i won't return... i can't return for years to come!
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Dogum Gunu

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