Fly (Doletaj)

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Slade in darkness, there is nothing
I will give everything away for him, will open (everything)
I feel myself empty, I have never felt me like this
Heaven's water beats windows, it will cover
Fly to seventh heaven
I will meet you here, you will recognize
Fly to seventh heaven
I will wait forever, endlessly
You are like drops on my hands
Open my heart and make it alive
I know you are silent
But why are you silent? There are both of us
Publicado por Anirona el Sáb, 19/05/2012 - 16:26
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Слайд в тёмное и ничего,
Я всё отдам за него, открою,
Так пусто мне, как никогда,
С неба по окнам вода накроет.
Долетай до седьмого неба,
Я тебя там встречу, ты заметишь.
Долетай до седьмого неба,