The neighborhood (El Barrio)

traducción al Inglés

The neighborhood

Life goes on, no taxes paid
Since I have an effective business around the bend
The relatives are considerated, they're not bad guys
I'm not the king of music, but the king of cards¹
I'm the kid who's well known in the outskirts
By some nicks, not my fault I was born in a crossbed²,
Psycho, crazy, pot-filled, ugly world
Sometimes breathing dirty air sometimes untalented
They call the the ultra-revolutionary
But I only write about things when drunk
I'm a guy from the streets, who raps and turns back and forth
And as the scam passes by, I soon face them
Going through the streets that take me to Hell's Kitchen
Hangoing around³
In my neighborhood cops always fuck up with my crew
So there's always riot and mess
Mexico and Colombia controlled for life
Chile and Peru are there
Venezuela always caught in the act
The world is a neightborhood, dude, don't you get it?
In Nicaragua the gangs are are opposite
In Brazil "Cidade de Deus"** cannot be ruled
The bad kids from El Salvador and Guatemala clash all the time
The world is a neighborhood, dude, la vida loca
You can find everything in LA
Burned gold that costs fifty alone
Bizzguys give it to the cholos for protection
Tax paid to avoid getting murdered*
Another street story, crazy, much robbery
Go ahead and watch out
They get rich easily, lots of enemies and all of it
We want the coke to spread across the world
Pimp our rides, get chrome wheels
We are dandy that's for sure
Don't get it wrong of you'll be shot for sure
This world of mine, crazy like Tony Montana
I don't care about my hair if I can get power
I get drunk around the blocks, where the action is
A bad life that takes us to fame
The band never stops
The neightborhood is in the blood, man,
I swear you
This is endless...look, Pablo got down
And they wander through Medellin
What happens there stays there
They don't grab, cuz they want to live a little longer
That's the code, la vida loca
Looks like a zoo
The marijuana is common here
In Belize, in Costa Rica
It's the same in Santiago or in Rio
There in Pico,
The worldly neightborhood controls the latino one
Angertina and Porto Rico are in as well
I'll explain you the whole zone
We'l be stronger if united I tell you
To Ecuador, Panama, Dominican Republic,
And Honduras
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Comentarios del autor:

¹Bamba is a latin rythym, whereas malilla is a particular card game, so this kind of means this guy can't be the best singer, but rocks at playing this card game

²Cholo is a spanish term used to refer to people who are a mixture of european and indian-american blood

³Hard to translate. "Chalina" is a kind of scarf worn mostly in Uruguay and Argentina. "Tocar" can also mean "to walk, to take a ride".

*Hoyo can mean "grave", so "evitar el hoyo" is like "not to be killed"

**"Cidade de Deus" is Rio de Janeiro's one of the most famous favelas - poor areas in the suburb. It used to be one of the most violent places in city. Nowadays, it is a bit safer to live there, due to actions taken by the government.

I have changed some parts due to Tania's comments, which were very enriching to the translation. Also, it gave me the boost to learn some latin slangs and expressions.

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El Barrio

sigue la rutina no pago impuestos
porque tengo mi negocio en efectivo por la esquina
los carnales no son ganga es la familia
y no canto bamba homes canto malillas
el chavo por apodo bien conocido en el volo
no es mi culpa fui nacido en un mundo cholo
psycho, loco, marijuano, y coco
a veces con el leno y a veces respirando polvo
me dicen revolucionario
pero solo he escrito temas de como ha estado el pedo
soy un callejero vuelto rapero y cuando pasan los puercos
soy el primero que les suelta el dedo
navegando las calles me miran en la cocina del infierno
tocando chalino por la vocina mia
en mi barrio pleito con la policia siempre existira
mientras jodan a las pandillas
mexico y colombia por vida controla
chile y peru alli estan en la zona
venezuela siempre pega con la bomba
el mundo es un barrio homie agarra la onda
en nicaragua las pandillas son los contras
brasil la ciudad de dios nadie la toca
las maras de el salvador y guatemala chocan
el mundo es un barrio homie la vida loca
en l.a. encuentras todo
oro quemado de venta que te cuesta el cincuenta solo
negociantes le dan cuenta a cholos pa' proteccion
este impuesto se paga pa' evitar el hoyo
otro rollo de la calle, loco, hay mucha tranza
ponte trucha y que no te falle el ojo
andan sobre feria, enemigos, y la cosa aquella
queremos que la coka nostra mueva
ranflas bajas con rines de cromo
es por catrines que somos
no te confundas causan fines de plomo
este mundo es mio, loco, como tony montana
es por el poder no le tengo amor a la lana
me la paso pistiando en la cuadra es donde esta la accion
la vida mala que nos gana la fama
en lo vago nunca para la banda
el barrio corre por la sangre por vida, homie
es mi palabra
esto no tiene fin...mira tumbaron a pablo
y siguen vagos en los barrios de medellin
lo que pase que se quede alli
aqui no cantan pericos se vuelven mudos si quieren vivir
es el codigo de tres puntos, mi vida loca
zoologico parece por no ser juntos
las clikas grifas rifan aqui en califas
en belize, como en costa rica
y es igual en el reyno, santiago, y en rio
alla en pico-union donde fuman el frio
es el barrio mundial que controla el latino
incluye argentina y todo puerto rico
deja me explico el barrio enterito
seriamos mas fuerte unidos te digo
para ecuador, panama, la republica dominicana
y honduras viene dedicada
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tania_1234 años 30 semanas
tania_123     Agosto 22nd, 2012

"The world is a neightborhood, dude, hang on" AGARRA LA ONDA MEANS UNDERSTAND IT OR GET IT

The bad kids from El Salvador and Guatemala shock everyone" CHOCAR"

Another street story, crazy, so much hurry" HAY MUCHA TRANZA" MEANS THERE IS A LOT OF ROBBERY"

queremos que la coka nostra mueva" = we want that our cocaine spreads around the world"

andan sobre feria" = they are going to get money"

"ranflas bajas"= small cars"



alla en pico-union donde fuman el frio" MEANS THAT THEY HAVE TO BREATH THE COLD AIR.

tania_123     Agosto 22nd, 2012

your translation is very good! I who am Mexican and not know well that language of "CHOLOS" ))