Intentar alinear


If one woman says to another:
Come, let me be your man
Although there’s nothing at all there
there could still be something to it

With this uncertain knowledge
they love each other totally.
Whoever seeks diligently will also find
but not in this case

Because they seek something that
is out of order
And there is an epiphany:
There is also an alternative!

If it's old, if it flies away,
just simply lies in the muck,
is quite twisted and bent,
is only crap, only oppressive stink;
if it's not suitable, but only oppresses,
and you are slowly going mad
and the noose is already hanging
around your neck:
Don't bury your head in the sand.
You are a valuable treasure.
The solution is obvious:
there is an alternative for everyone, everyone!

Even if it suddenly happens one day
And cruel life gives you a close shave
you ride your ‘bicycle built for two’ alone,
your dog sleeps in its bed.
You go into mens' clubs,
And you drink
while you consider that
now you have a lot of room at home.
You caress your full bottle
and say to it, Sweetheart


If you feel like a failure
then go to my brother-in-law.
He likes to listen to German pop songs
but he has a spare parts warehouse.

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