This Loneliness (Esta Soledad )

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This Loneliness

This loneliness is keeping me up at night 1.
Filling me with cobwebs
And it's making me scream out 
What can I do?
Go on suffering for the dream I'm following 
I didn't know it was so difficult 
I find myself here, walking 
Putting up with it, thanks to God
Walking, of course 
With tears streaming down 
Don't get me wrong 
I enjoy fighting for what I love 
Whatever it may be, I have it 
I split myself into three, two, or in zeros
Anxiety, my pulse sails through the roof
What I wish for is some calm
Searching I think and I think 
  • 1. the equivalent expression in english for 'quemarse las pestañas' is 'to burn the midnight oil' - it sounds a bit old fashioned though
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