Phobia (Fobija)

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Once I loved, I was broken
love became like a phobia
I feel like I can fall in love with you
thats why Im walking away from you
Ill die without you, my love
the loneliness is killing me, bury the grief
without you my life is like a desert
a day is like a year to me
A how could you do this
Its not my fault, its not my fault
Every night my heart is dreaming
like its covered in razors
God, please come back
I would love it if you could understand
Every night its getting harder
the pain is cutting me in the chest
the heart is waiting until you come
to be saved, there is no cure
No,to be saved there is no cure, no
because the more I lose, the more I love you
Publicado por Matildehg el Dom, 13/02/2011 - 15:28
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Nekad voljela, bila slomljena
postala mi ljubav kao fobija
osjecam da mogu da te zavolim
zato i od tebe odlazim
Ja umrijecu bez tebe, moja ljubavi
samoca me ubi, tuga sahrani
bez tebe mi zivot kao pustinja


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