Have you ever heard of the călușarii?
Ever seen a groom dancing călușul?
Just lovely, isn't it?
It's not me (in case you wonder), I'm not a real călușar. Just found it on youtube. There's a yearly Călușul românesc festival in my town, that's why (how) I fell in love with that dance.

Calusarul     Septiembre 10th, 2012

I gotta share this

and this

Calusarul     Marzo 2nd, 2012

Well, another rhetorical question: have you ever wondered how music was created / invented?
Here's a Romanian guy's answer.

Calusarul     Febrero 18th, 2012

Now, where did these guys get this idea from?

Calusarul     Febrero 16th, 2012

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I'll make the changes tomorrow because one of my sisters is exploiting me at this very moment.
Ah, and nice story with the Spanish speaking kid.

Katherine0825     Febrero 16th, 2012

I will check out the bands you mentioned and try to learn some more profanities Laughing out loud I always want to know them so that I know if people are saying any of them about me! Once when I was a resident I was putting an IV needle in a kid who was cursing me out BIG TIME in Spanish and fortunately I knew what he was saying. His mother didn't even correct him, so when I was finished putting in the IV, I said "Credes que no entiendo lo que dijiste?" which means "Do you think I don't understand what you said?" His mother turned all colors of red! So, I like to know the swear words so that I know who's cursing at me!


Katherine0825     Febrero 16th, 2012

A few suggestions:

I'd translate "Ignorant și incult, rămas fără arme." as "Ignorant and uneducated, staying unarmed" (as in education arms you to deal with life slapping you around).

"Instig la cultură" would probably sound better as "I incite you to culture"

"...și reînvățați părinții să gândească", I'd translate as "teach your parents again to think"

Verb conjugation error: "dar în minte alarma sună" = "but the alarm ringS in your head"

„Crede și nu cerceta” = "Believe and don't question".

"Dacă vrei să faci lumină când e pentru tine noapte" If you want to make light when it's nighttime for you

"O carte citită te ajută să te descurci altfel în viață." would probably sound better "One book read helps you get by in life".

"Trebuie să știi să legi două cuvinte, copile, Altfel, riști să fie câinele tău mai deștept ca tine." I'd translate this as "You need to know how to put two words together, kid. Otherwise, you risk your dog being smarter than you are"

"Ai să-i îngropi încet pe toți, pe rând, din vorbe" You'll slowly bury them all, one by one, in words

This isn't an error or anything, I just think it is more literal and sounds better (personal preference)
"Dacă să înveți n-ai sete" = If you have no thirst for learning

Hope that was helpful!


Calusarul     Febrero 16th, 2012

Well, Katherine, I can't do that on the public forum. :redface: But I can give you a hint: listen to Paraziții and BUG Mafia ("Cineva m-a-ntrebat dacă-mi place viața mea / I-am răspuns că vine a doua: după mama"). They only have a couple of songs with no swearing. Some profanities are so interesting, that you won't get offended, though.
Before studtying the hiphop bands I mentioned above, please take a look at this translation and help me improve it.
By the way, here's my first action on this website.
And here's some 150 year-old adult humour.

Katherine0825     Febrero 16th, 2012

You'll have to teach me some more swear words in Romanian! I know a couple because I had a Romanian troll on my YouTube page who accused me of being a Romanian pretending to be an American (because I have so much Romanian stuff on my page, I guess). He didn't use diacritics and his grammar was horrible, so when he trolled my youtube page I bothered him about his grammar and diacritics and didn't respond to the vulgar stuff he left on my page (I just deleted it if it was too gross for a family-friendly page). After a few weeks of this I got him under control and he still messages me every now and then. But, I'm grateful to "my troll" because he taught me some of the words that my Romanian teacher was too much of a gentleman to teach me Tongue

Calusarul     Febrero 16th, 2012

A few more lines and I could have written a chapter in a novel.
I just remembered something. You called me a tiny horse. A few days ago I called myself a tiny mod-god. Well, I'm not a tall person. I used to have a friend and colleague, a very tall young woman. I was helping her with all kinds of stuff. Some of my friends saw us together a couple of times and teased me: "Dude, what's with you and the tall chick?" And I said: "Well, guys, if the height difference doesn't bother her, why would it bother me?"
I think that was a decent self-criticising joke, wasn't it?
My friends used to call my jokes "florinisme". I try to produce original jokes, not to copy other people's humourous remarks. One friend once said to me: "Dude, you have a really big nose." "Well," I said, "the nose is normal, the rest of me is pretty small (or tiny)".
Now, if you saw me, you'd say my height and my nose are my tiniest problems. Hahaha
Try and identify my big nose here, turcanin. I'll ask Aylin to remove this comment next week Tongue

Calusarul     Febrero 16th, 2012

Well, I'm not sure of how I'd like to be perceived. I don't think I'd like to be perceived any different(ly) than I am - or at least not worse than I think I am.
I say sex/gender related jokes, but I don't think I'm a pervert or a sexist. I say racist/nationalist jokes, but I don't think I'm a racist/ultranationalist. I think I'm a nationalist because I like Romanian language and culture, but I don't dislike other languages or cultures. I say political jokes... and yes, I hate politicians Smile although I am aware of the fact that the world, the nations/countries, the local communities need them.
Well, let's start with my nickname: it means a folk dancer who performs a dance related to horses, right? I'm not a good dancer (not the worst, though) and I'm not a horsey-like person. Yet, I like both dance (dancing and watching people dance) and horses.
I took a look at your profile, and you seem not to want to share anything since there's nothing there but your translations. Judging by what you've translated or submitted as original lyrics, I'd say you a good taste in music. Nothing else.
As far as I'm concerned... well... try and analyse me, I don't mind. Find my flaws and/or my qualities. I'm always interested in how/what people think.
And about that first impression... if it's bad, it can only get better, can't it? If it's too good, you can only get to be disappointed, can't you?
I don't think of myself as "this is what I am", because I've noticed slow yet important changes in myself since 10-15 years ago. And if I want to be nice, I'm a nice person. If I think I should be rude to someone, I am rude then. I rarely swear in Romanian, but I occasionally do it (once in three years or so), I did that a few times and it really hurt people - they deserved it, don't worry.
What do you think of the "real me"/"the me in other people's eyes" relationship? Or of "real someone"/"someone in other people's eyes"?

turcanin     Marzo 2nd, 2012

If it weren't a joke, I would have sent you a private message.
And I only meant the riddles in your profile.

I'm just asking, I'm not judging.

I wouldn't have commented to someone else. And I wouldn't have made this joke.

I'm sure God has a sense of humor, since we were created in His image.

About the videos: I'll have to get back to you on that. Maybe that's what you should put in your profile.

Calusarul     Febrero 16th, 2012

Aylin, you'll spend the next New Year's night with me if you don't get a better proposal from turcanin Tongue . I'll go practise my salsa steps.

aylin_22     Febrero 16th, 2012

So...I think there must be a bug again...'cause I'm online too...I don't want to leave you alone Tongue It reminds me of New Year's night...then I was also alone online...and I think then it could be possible that I was really the only one...

Calusarul     Febrero 16th, 2012

Well, Aylin, don't you worry, I'll always use, but never abuse you, baby.
I use to say to people (or to "my kids"): "Nu abuzați de bunătatea mea, că ajungem la fundul sacului și acolo nu am decât răutate pură". or "Nu abuzați de bunătatea mea, că dup-aia vă dau răutatea. Să vedem cum abuzați de răutate atunci!?!"
Ah, and I also say when I borrow something: "Îți voi rămâne veșnic îndatorat" (that is, I'll never give it back Tongue )
Ah, and we miss you... here "when you're not online, that is what we do..."

P.S. Who's Online
There are currently 1 user and 811 guests online.
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I miss you all, I feel... deserted... like a lonely planet in a sci-fi movie.

aylin_22     Febrero 16th, 2012

Hey, of course I don't accuse you of using me, actually I even like it in some way (as long as you don't exaggerate - but where's the limit,he???? :biggrin: ...) It just makes me feel useful and lets me believe that you can't miss me here Tongue

Calusarul     Febrero 16th, 2012

Haha, you got me there, turcanin. Of course I didn't laugh. What kind of sick humour is that? Haha Now I'm laughing, but I couldn't read the first time I read your comment. I just started to wonder: am I a pervert, are there kids on this site who might be offended by my comments and riddles?
Well, turcanin, one of my favourite comedians messes with God and another one is... messing with Matt Damon, and I'm trapped between. (or in between?) Have I asked you before: do you think God has any sense of humour?
Aylin, if we ask politely, we cannot be accused of using you, can we?
Turcanin, I can't censor your comments. I can't even censor myself. It's either for being lazy or for supporting the freedom of speech, I'd go for the previous one.

P.S If you watch the Matt Damon thing (and like it), don't forget to watch the sequel with Ben Affleck

aylin_22     Febrero 16th, 2012

Hey, I agree with Katherine,I don't see any problems with the riddles...
and yes, Calusarul can remove comments himself, but I think you guys prefer using me as your maid Wink
No, I'm joking, it's just my fault...I proposed myself to do it before Smile So if I have to do something, just tell me!

turcanin     Febrero 15th, 2012

Hey, it was just a joke. If it didn't make you laugh, just remove my comment. You're a mod, can't you do that?

Calusarul     Febrero 15th, 2012

Well, to be honest, I didn't think I crossed the line. If I had thought so, I wouldn't have probably done it in the first place.
I only imagine we're chichatting here (in this thread), but if anyone else feels offended, please say so. I'll change my profile description and/or remove my jokes or just politely ask Aylin to remove my comments.
Let's manage this democratically. Let's say I have thumb down and a thumb up. We need another thumb here in order to take a decision, I hope it's not a greenthumb.

Katherine0825     Febrero 15th, 2012

LOL...I apparently know 50061 words.


Katherine0825     Febrero 15th, 2012

LOLOLOLOLOL....I had to check out the riddles Laughing out loud

What's there to be offended about? The answers are all very innocent...if anyone gets offended they have a dirty mind!


turcanin     Marzo 2nd, 2012

What was the topic again?

Well… Talk about delicate stuff:
@Calusarul: what is it with all the riddles on your profile page?

Calusarul     Febrero 15th, 2012

I don't think most women would disagree on what is men's best (or single good) part. It certainly isn't their brain.
Hmm... I apparently know 42039 words... according to this test (8/10). ("How many words do you know?")
Have you ever played "verbosity" or "tag a tune" on gwap (games with a purpose)?

Katherine0825     Febrero 15th, 2012

Yep, he can always pee later Tongue


aylin_22     Febrero 14th, 2012

I know...but if he would loose what men like to call the most important part of their body, I don't think it would be OK neither Wink But I think he will soon pee again...as it has stopped freezing Smile

Katherine0825     Febrero 14th, 2012

Awwww....if he doesn't pee any more, where's the charm?


aylin_22     Febrero 13th, 2012

Hehe, my father's cousin works at Brussels'Town Hall and he has to receive people from foreign countries during official receptions, open doors and serve champagne when princes or presidents come,etc...He also saw all the costumes of Manneken Pis...I think there are over 800, but I'm not sure anymore Wink When I go, he's almost never dressed...But for the moment, he's stopped peeing since 3/02, because of the risk some parts of the little boy would freeze and break Wink

Calusarul     Febrero 13th, 2012

Haha, m-a distrat băiețelul care face pipi. Era de-al lor, nu de-al nostru Tongue

turcanin     Febrero 12th, 2012

For more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calusari
There are (striking) similarities with the Morris dances [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morris_dance ], some say even with the Ceili dance [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceili_dance ] (based on the high jumps).
You might even find similarities with the Irish soft-shoes [ http://irishdancesandiego.squarespace.com/storage/soft_shoes.jpg?__SQUAR... ].

Reading material:



Calusarul     Febrero 12th, 2012

Hop ș-așa!

Katherine0825     Octubre 4th, 2011

wow...cool Smile Looks physically demanding!