Chinese (Zhongwen) language of this song?

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Hello I am looking to find an actual place to listen to a recorded Chinese version of this song:

do you know where to find 称颂祢圣名 当阳光洒满了大地

我的世界顺心如意 称颂祢圣名

称颂祢圣名 苦难来到流泪不尽 im trying to find chinese version music of person singing this. "Blessed be your name"

traditional characters:





The reason being is I will sing part of it, and I cannot read enough Chinese language. Though I can find the pinyin, I still must know how it is sung in Chinese. Thank you.

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...awwwlright i'll find it for you at home im in the library and i can't read the characters properly :biggrin:

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